"Sometimes we forget about the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

M e e t   M a n d a n a


I live in Torquay and am in love with the Surf Coast of Australia. Originally from Germany, I moved to Australia in 2012 and now have my own beautiful little family. I love good coffee, food and adventures. That's where photography comes into play. Every session feels like a little adventure to me and I love that I can share that with my clients. I have a background in Journalism and have worked for the German TV for several years before I started my own little business Mandana Baker Photography. In the beginning, it was all about landscapes before I developed my interest for portraiture and am now merging both worlds into beautiful, natural and real pictures. 

M Y   M I S S I O N


If you are still reading, you might be my kind of people...

I am passionate about everything LOVE. Like the love within a family or the love between a bride and her groom. Capturing true emotions in a fun manner where everyone (even the kids) will have a good time! I love the challenge of the ever-changing natural light, the magic you can create in a different setting, let it be in the forest, on the beach or in the wide open. My favourite time to shoot is sunrise and sunset, but every time of the day has its own beauty. I love capturing the real essence of people and that can only be achieved with candid photos.

N A T U R A L.  C A N D I D.  F U N.

The biggest part of me is being a mom. But nobody ever captures that in photos, which for me, as a photographer as well, is truly hard to bear! The ones with a photographic eye can only imagine, and Mandana, you know the best what I'm speaking of ;) To see my son and me-our emotions, our connection, our love, us side by side-it makes me so happy, and especially our kissing photo, I had to wipe a tear! Thank you so much Mandana, again, these pictures are a treasure, and always will be! <3

Family/Maternity Sessions start at $250

Wedding Packages start at $1995

A Day In Life Videos start at $950